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Intro to "The Curious Roaster"

I have always been curious.

While this has led to countless hours exploring the answers to 'how' and 'why', it has also led to amazing conversations and information. In 2006, it even led me to accidentally starting a business.

Too often, our curiosity gets lost in schedules, meetings, and email. I believe it's time to spark that curiosity to boost knowledge, understanding, and health. The more curiosity we have for the world around us, the more connected we become to others and ourselves.

Whether you are the curious type, or wish you were, welcome to the blog that will motivate you to feed your curiosity and live a more rewarding life. Each week you will have the opportunity to explore a new thought, idea, or technique to boost your curiosity. (And if you have ideas for us to explore, shoot an email to!)


"The Curious Roaster"

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Love to know more about how you roast your coffee and what makes it so good!

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