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Throughout my life, I have had a 'love/hate' relationship with deadlines and I suspect many of you feel the same way. The deadline not only looms over our head, reminding us that a task must be completed but also provides closure.

This is why the final task for establishing is SMART goal is "Time-Bound"

By establishing a dealine for the goal, we not only provide closure but motivation.

If I want to effectively train for a marathon, sign up for a marathon and pay the registration fee. This will force you to either be ready, risk embarrassment, or lose your money.

In his book "Lead Generate", Scott Groves even suggests recruiting an accountability partner to keep you on track. (He even suggests writing a check to an organization you DON'T support and handing it to your partner to send if you don't reach your goal.)

Finally, once you have set a deadline, write it down, set a countdown clock, and tell someone you trust. This prevents against making excuses and changing the dates.

Once you establish your deadline, your goal is good to launch.

It will be SMART!







'Till Next Time,


"The Curious Roaster"

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