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Be Specific

Is there really a difference between saying "lose weight" and "lose 15 pounds"?

Absolutely! And to better understand the answer, let's dive into a little brain science.

Setting a vague goal flips a switch that fools our brain into thinking we're talking about someone else. Our brain then files the abstract goal as belonging to a future, hypothetical person. The brain then sends it to the proverbial 'back burner' and doesn't devote resources to seeing it through. Simply put, our brain doesn't register a vague goal as OUR goal.

This is why the first step to achieving any goal is to be SPECIFIC.

When we create a specific goal, our brain starts to pay attention and formulate a plan to accomplish the task. And because the goal is in a term the brain understands, it knows that adjustments must be made if we are to be successful.

When you watch a movie or read a book, the hero is convinced to set a specific goal. Whether they disarm the bomb, prevent a terrorist attack, or win over the person of their dreams they set one specific goal. There will be bumps and missteps along the way, but the one main goal remains constant.

So, when you're ready to set your goals, be specific. It will make your brain pay attention and make plans to achieve.

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"The Curious Roaster"

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