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3 Keys to Getting Things Done

I can be an expert time-waster and I’m sick of it.

So, through a very lengthy study that included books, podcasts, and worksheets, these are my three take-aways to getting things done.

1. Write it down.

First, writing is a very important step because it involves a larger area of the brain. The more brain that’s involved, the more importance the idea. Second, each goal should be accompanied by a due date and an explanation of importance. It's much harder to work at something if there isn't a good reason. WARNING - this is NOT a ‘to-do’ list. Formula: I want to accomplish _______ by/on ______ because _____.

2. Milestones. Create sub-goals or milestones along the way. This accomplishes two things. First, it makes the goal seem less daunting. Second, it helps keep you on track.

3. Review and Reward

Each time you put effort into accomplishing your goal, keep track. Maybe it's a checkmark on the calendar or hashmarks next to your written goal. This is an important step in staying motivated to reach the finish line.

By following these three steps, you'll be ready and able to get more accomplished and make a life you love.

'Till Next Time,


"The Curious Roaster"

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