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The BEST Homemade Coffee Liqueur

There are several reasons to create your own coffee liqueur.

First, you are in control of the ingredients. If you desire less sweetness or a stronger coffee flavor, you can adjust the recipe to accommodate. If you wish to have less alcohol, or none, you have that option as well.

Second, you can make small batches and experiment with flavors. You can add chocolate, cinnamon, cream, pumpkin spice, or any other ‘coffee friendly’ flavorings without committing to a large quantity.

Finally, it’s fun! If you enjoy experimenting with your drinks, this is a great way to discover new flavors combinations and impress your guests.

Here is the very simple recipe: 8 oz brewed coffee (I used a strong medium/dark roast Nicaraguan) 2.6 oz. dark brown sugar 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract 60 ml. vodka

Slightly warm the coffee and brown sugar. This allows the sugar to dissolve faster. Once dissolved, add the vanilla and vodka (optional).

We hope we’ve encouraged you to start thinking about your coffee in a new way. If you have other suggestions, please comment!

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