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Take Command of your Day

Taking command of your day has many benefits. First, it helps prioritize your objectives so you are more productive. Second, it helps reduce both stress and wasted time. Finally, taking command of your day creates confidence by clearly identifying what's important.

It's easier than you think.

Start by reviewing your short, medium, and long term goals. Take a minute to map your path to reach those goals. Doing this will outline your objectives for the day. Prioritize the tasks that help you progress on the path to reach those goals. The more you focus on these tasks, the less stress you feel and the less time is wasted.

Next, identify something in your day you enjoy or look forward to. This will help with focus and energy.

Finally, perform a quick 'debrief' at the end of your day. Did you accomplish your goals for the day? You will find that the few minutes you invest at the start of the day will increase focus and purpose while decreasing stress and lost time.

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