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Stirring Curiosity

Updated: Jan 13

Curiosity is a drive mechanism that causes us to ask why and to seek answers. It’s what makes us want to learn new things, try out new experiences and engage with people around us. Curiosity is the reason we explore our world and seek new experiences.

Curiosity isn't just an individual trait. It's a collective force for good in society. When people are curious about their surroundings they are more likely to succeed. Individual success leads to group success.

Researchers have found that curiosity is not static and can be increased. Expose yourself to new ideas and information (curiosity-inducing content). Interact with others who know more than you (curiosity-provoking relationships). Take risks when solving problems (for example, trying out a new diet or exercise routine).

In the article "Curiosity Is a Powerful Motivator" by Thomas Goetz, he describes curiosity as a natural part of human nature and a powerful motivator. He states that we are hardwired to seek out answers to questions, new information and the unknown. In addition, our passion for exploration has been amplified by social media.

What makes you curious?

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