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Series Introduction; Lessons From a Coffee Bean

(From Mister G)

I love coffee, period. My love of coffee stems from the opportunity to spend time in local breakfast restaurants when I was young with my dad, grandfather, and several men who would solve the world’s problems in an hour if anyone would take their advice.

Throughout my high school and college years my love of coffee grew until I was drinking three pots a day in my mid-twenties. By this time, I started thinking more about quality than quantity and started exploring. I tried ‘gourmet’ grocery store coffee, coffee from a popular doughnut chain (known especially for their ‘dunk’-ability), and finally mail-order.

One day, through a strange series of Internet readings and searches, I found that I could roast my own coffee. Once I started down that road, there was no return. Freshly roasted coffee had a full, unique flavor that I had never gotten from other coffees.

For the last several years, as I watch the process of heating green, tasteless beans to flavorful perfection, I have thought about the journey of a coffee bean and the lessons that we can take from it. Over the next series of posts, we will explore some of these lessons.

Lesson One: Grow

Lesson Two: Ripen

Lesson Three: Harvest

Lesson Four: Rest

Lesson Five: Roast

Lesson Six: Brew

Lesson Seven: Share

These subjects can also make a great conversation starter. Simply leave your comments under each section with your thoughts, experiences, and other feedback.

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