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Roast vs Brew- Coffee Intelligence

As you journey to discover your perfect coffee, you will probably encounter the words "bold" and "strong". These are often used as synonyms.

To be clear, these terms are not describing the same flavor profile and we want you to have all the information you need to make an intelligent coffee choice.

First, let's define the terms.

"Roast" describes the journey and final temperature of the bean during the roasting process. Some roasters use terms such as 'full city', Italian', and 'French' to describe roasts. At The Mister G Coffee Company we opt for 5 designations; light, medium/light, medium, medium/dark, and dark.

No matter the description, roasting the bean enhances certain flavor characteristics while muting others. (Lighter roasting will bring sweeter, fruit flavors to the fore. Medium roasts enhance nut, toast, and vanilla characteristics. Dark roasts amplify dark cocoa and warm spice flavors.)

"Strong", on the other hand, is the ratio of coffee to water in the brewing process. No matter what method is employed, more coffee to water will result in a stronger coffee flavor.

Therefore, you can determine the perfect roast to enhance the characteristics you desire, then prepare the coffee at the desired strength to deliver those flavors.

At The Mister G Coffee Company, those decisions are completely yours. After all, it is YOUR coffee.

PS: Espresso is a PROCESS- not the bean.

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